Advisory Board

An Independent Advisory Board (“IAB”) comprised of experts with complementary skills and experience has been established to offer an international and independent stakeholder perspective to the PSORT Consortium.  The IAB meets annually and is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the overall progress of PSORT’s programme of research and for providing independent and informed guidance to the PSORT Steering Committee.


Iain McInnes is Professor of Experimental Medicine, Director of Research Institute (Immunology), Muirhead Chair of Medicine and Director of Institute (School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing) at the University of Glasgow.  Professor McInnes has a major interest in the biology of inflammatory synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and septic arthritis and chairs the PSORT Independent Advisory Board.

John Armstrong is Director of Strategic Programs, Prescription Global Business, Nestle Skin Health.  Dr Armstrong is a global portfolio strategist for immunology and inflammation with experience in immune-mediated inflammatory disorders (dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, etc.) and cardiovascular biology.  His expertise extends to biotechnology, personalized medicine, global markets, and support of business development and investment strategy.

Anne Bowcock is Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the United States and visiting Professor and Chair in Cancer Genomics at Imperial College London.  Professor Bowcock was the first geneticist to dedicate herself to psoriasis gene research.  Together with colleagues, she used samples available from what was then the National Psoriasis Tissue Bank to identify genes linked to psoriasis susceptibility.  This is reportedly the first time anyone had linked any gene to psoriatic disease.

James Krueger is the D. Martin Carter Professor in Clinical Investigation, Director, Milstein Medical Research Program and Senior Attending Physician at the Rockefeller University Hospital.  Professor Krueger’s research group focuses on the study of cutaneous inflammation and autoimmune mechanisms in human skin and uses psoriasis as a model to investigate the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease and autoimmunity.

Christy Langan is Chief Executive Officer of the International Psoriasis Council (IPC), a dermatology-led, voluntary, global nonprofit organization dedicated to innovation across the full spectrum of psoriasis through research, education and patient care.

Peter van de Kerkhof  is Professor in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Chair in Dermatology at Radboud University Medical Center.  Professor van de Kerkhof’s research group conducts research on skin diseases and dermatitis, specializes in psoriasis in particular and other inflammatory reactions of the epidermis, including eczema.  The group also studies systemic diseases that cause such inflammatory reactions.