Key Outputs

Through our programme of research PSORT aims to deliver the following key outputs:

  1. a PSORT stratifier (algorithm) as a means of predicting clinical response to biologic therapies and thereby aiding clinical decision making (e.g. selection of biologic therapy and predicting initial and long-term response);
  2. a feasibility and internal pilot study of minimal-effective dose of adalimumab; results will lead to a funding application for a full trial.
  3. mechanistic insight into psoriasis heterogeneity(psoriasis endotype) and therapeutic effectiveness (drug endotype).

These outputs will be taken forward for commercialisation by our partnering diagnostic companies Becton Dickinson, Sanquin and Qiagen. Together these outputs will inform the development and testing of new molecules targeted to psoriasis.

Academic outputs include presentations and published abstracts at relevant scientific meetings and publication of full papers in leading, high impact scientific journals. Results will also be disseminated to patients and the general public and to industry at large via the ABPI.