Work Strand 1 (WS1)

Clinical and Pharmacology Studies

This Work Strand aims to discover disease endotypes (subtype of a condition defined by a distinct pathophysiological mechanism) which are associated with treatment outcomes, assessing the influence of blood drug levels and antidrug antibodies on outcome and the assessment of adherence to treatment.


  • Disease covariates/phenotype, drug pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity and treatment adherence can predict the response to biologic therapy.
  • Are scalable stratifiers amenable to cost-effective evaluation and translation for patient benefit?

Main research outcomes

  1. Identification of psoriasis endotypes that associate with treatment outcome
  2. Assessment of adherence to treatment and effect on outcome
  3. Assessment of drug levels and antidrug antibodies and effect on outcome
  4. Preliminary assessment of cost-effectiveness and identification of cost-effectiveness drivers for these assessments