Further Funding

Over the course of its programme, the PSORT team has been awarded various psoriasis related research studentships and training fellowships.  A summary of each associated project together with the details of funding can be found beneath each award.

Investigating genetic control of the psoriasis transcriptome to define and validate drug and disease endotypes

Professor Nick Reynolds, Newcastle University

The genetics underlying psoriasis differs from person to person. Currently we have no way of knowing which treatment will work best for each patient and so treatments are prescribed by trial and error. As a result, only 50% of patients remain on their original drug 3 years later, which is not ideal for the patient and is wasteful of NHS resource. We need to find the right treatment, at the right time for the right patient: an approach known as personalised or stratified medicine. Our Consortium (PSORT) aims to develop tests based on blood samples or a small skin biopsy that predict individual patient responses to biologic drugs. This project builds upon the extensive clinical and sample resource already collected by PSORT.

Developments in gene sequencing mean that we can now sequence all the messenger RNA molecules present in the skin or blood of an individual at reasonable cost. We will combine this information with the genetic makeup of individuals to produce markers of clinical response. Such complex data requires high-level computer analysis combined with biologic and clinical interpretation. As bioinformatics (a discipline involving method development and analysis of biological data) is a rapidly growing and developing field, this represents an ideal PhD project.

Our established collaborative network provides an excellent training environment for a PhD studentship and will develop cutting-edge transferable skill sets for the next generation of researchers. Key outcomes will include biomarkers that can be developed into clinical tests that predict individual patient response to biologic drugs.

Funding Source: The Psoriasis Association

Funding Amount: £85,000

Student: Ashley Rider

Co-supervisors: Dr Michael Barnes; Prof Jonathan Barker; Dr Simon Cockell; Prof Chris Griffiths

Start date:  2018

Details of this and other research funded by the Psoriasis Association can be found here.

Drug levels and drug immunogenicity in psoriasis patients on biologic therapy: impact on clinical response and rationale for investigating predictors of anti-drug antibodies.

Professor Catherine Smith, King’s College London

MRC Clinical Research PhD Training Fellowship

Funding Source: The Medical Research Council

Funding Amount: £235,114.00

Student: Teresa Tsakok

Co-supervisors: Prof Catherine Smith, Prof Jonathan Barker

Start date: 2017