Data Integration and Analysis

Alongside PSORT’s work strands is the MRC-PSORT TranSMART infrastructure for data integration and analysis. This warehouse for data will allow PSORT to combine the results from WSs 1 and 2 with pre-existing public data. This will provide the consortium and partners with a secure research environment in which to apply a range of systems for biomarker discovery.

The MRC-PSORT TranSMART platform enables researchers to:

Develop, test and refine research hypotheses
Search multiple data sets for potential drug targets, pathways and biomarkers
Compare data from proteomics, metabolomics and other “omics” studies
Contrast patterns of gene expression in healthy and diseased individuals and tissue samples
Investigate correlations between genotype and phenotype in clinical trial data
Study genetic and environmental factors involved in psoriasis
Display data visually using a graphical interface
Stratify clinical data into molecular subtypes of psoriasis disease and drug response
Collaborate across the academic and industrial partnership of the PSORT consortium